Dunlite DGUR3.2E-2-R/S (3.6 kVA Electric Start AVR Generator with Remote Start, Petrol)

$1,195.00 $1,150.00

The Dunlite DGUR3.2E-2-R/S is a portable generator that is perfect for emergency solar back-up for the home or professional use. It is ideal for situations where the generator is required to be started from a switch remotely. The AVR feature is optimal for when stable power is required to start sensitive electronic equipment.

Features Include:

– SmartGen Control Panel
– Large capacity 15L fuel tank for longer running time
– EPA Emissions Compliant engine
– Electric start
– AC circuit breaker
– Weatherproof protected outlets
– Battery mounted inside frame for storage efficiency
– Fuel gauge
– Tough sturdy frame

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